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Cashmere Pattern Blend Wool Pattern Blend Wool Hex Denim Hex Silk Hex

Additional Images

Tapestri - Cashmere Pattern Blend Tapestri - Wool Pattern Blend Tapestri - Wool Hex Tapestri - Denim Hex Tapestri - Silk Hex


Modern geometric compositions with an enduring style.
Through delicate graphic designs and inviting color palettes, the Tapestri collection offers a new and modern interpretation of encaustic tiles.
Modern, delicate and crisp design patterns are married with soft, calm and soothing color tones. The blend of colors are neutral and elegant, yet sophisticated. The underlying concrete look designs are elevated with 15 different and unique patterns that add an interesting and unique perspective. The versatility of this nuanced design opens the door to a wide variety of design styles and uses.