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Sand Clover Sand Zenith Sand Compass Ice Clover Ice Zenith Ice Compass Tide Clover Tide Zenith Tide Compass Ivory Hexagon Sand Hexagon Ice Hexagon Graphite Hexagon

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Form - Sand Clover Form - Sand Zenith Form - Sand Compass Form - Ice Clover Form - Ice Zenith Form - Ice Compass Form - Tide Clover Form - Tide Zenith Form - Tide Compass Form - Ivory Hexagon Form - Sand Hexagon Form - Ice Hexagon Form - Graphite Hexagon


Hexagon Tiles. Cement-look hexagon tiles blend with a contemporary and minimalist flair.
Inspired by the aesthetic of natural concrete, the collection is available in a palette of four earthy colors. A pure and minimalist look of great effect, perfect for those looking to create simple, yet lived-in atmospheres bursting with personality.

The creative expression of encaustic patterns combined with natural concrete backgrounds. These alluring decoratives have stood the test of time and have echoed their beauty across many continents. A rich collection intended for lovers of neutral colors and industrial style, or the appeal of hand-made pieces.

Series Name: Form

Ivory, Ice, Sand, Graphite

Sand, Tide, Ice

Sand, Tide, Ice

Sand, Tide, Ice

8x8 Square, 7x8 Hex

8x8 – 7.32 Box / 592.92 pallet
7x8 – 2.8 Box / 470.4 Pallet

Variation: Low