Venatino Quartz Slab

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Detailed View Vignette Room Scene Room Scene 2

Additional Images

Venatino Quartz Slab - Detailed View Venatino Quartz Slab - Vignette Venatino Quartz Slab - Room Scene Venatino Quartz Slab - Room Scene 2


Revitalize your spaces with Venatino Quartz countertops, showcasing stunningly thick cool gray veins complemented by warming browns along the vein perimeters throughout each slab. Achieving a harmonious balance with an interplay of both thin and thick veins, these slabs effortlessly emulate the desired natural appearance of marble. Whether in residential or commercial environments, Venatino quartz introduces a touch of sophistication. Perfect for elevating kitchen countertops, islands, backsplashes, and various other areas that crave a hint of enduring elegance.

Size: 64"x127"

Thickness: 3CM