Bel-Air Beige Quatrz Slab

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Detailed View Vignette Room Scene Room Scene 2

Additional Images

Bel-Air Beige Quatrz Slab - Detailed View Bel-Air Beige Quatrz Slab - Vignette Bel-Air Beige Quatrz Slab - Room Scene Bel-Air Beige Quatrz Slab - Room Scene 2


Transform your environment with Bel-Aire Beige, featuring an inviting white base adorned with warm, intricate veining. The ethereal quality of its pale canvas adds a rejuvenating touch, infusing the room with brightness. Wide, subtly taupe veins showcase a range of soft beiges and muted grays, their diagonal arrangement creating a dynamic and modern aesthetic that seamlessly suits both traditional and contemporary design styles. Bel-Aire Beige emerges as a sophisticated and discerning option for surfaces like countertops, waterfall islands, and accent walls, where the appeal of durability, low maintenance, and enduring beauty is paramount.

Size: 63"x126"

Thickness: 3CM